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The 6 Major Digital Marketing Trends of 2023

Jan 3, 2023 | Digital Marketing

Are you ready to stay one step ahead of the competition for 2023? No need to look any further! We’ve got all the newest digital marketing trends that will make this year one of your most successful yet. Brace yourself – it’s time to get buckled up and jump into the future with these amazing strategies!

1.  AI Content Generation

AI is becoming more and more important for businesses to take their marketing to a new level.
Marketers can benefit from AI Content Generation to save time and energy, allowing them to focus on more creative, inspiring tasks.
By utilizing AI content generation tools, they are able to significantly strengthen their personalization tactics in order to create higher levels of engagement.

the contact page of an online web

Open AI's article generation

Source: Open AI

Advertisers are able to save time and create compelling ad content with a strong call-to-action quickly and easily by using AI Generation. With just the product name, description and desired tone of voice, a great ad copy is generated in no time!

a screen shot of a dashboard for using PAS frameworks

AI content generation can produce articles through specific copywriting frame work


AI is really great for blog content! You can specify what kind of content you want to create and then the AI will do all the work for you — whipping up SEO-friendly articles in no time, no matter the topic.

a screen shot of a dashboard for using AI Content Generation frameworks

AI content generation can produce Blog posts with a different tone of voice.

Source: CopyAI

It’s wild how advanced AI has gotten – it can create realistic images based on text descriptions, and even expand them from the original.
Plus, it looks like music generation with AI is gonna be the next big trend to keep an eye out for.
Crazy, right?

screenshot of open ai dall-e-2

AI has gone beyond to generate realistic and original images based on text descriptions.


Creating a human-like voice over is super easy with AI voice generator tools.
You can easily add different emotions like happy, sad, or angry to your voice.
Plus, you can even translate your voice into any language! Plus, you can even convert your voice into real-time speech to speech. It’s all so simple, you don’t even need any special skills!

some buttons that show an image of multiple music controls

AI voice generator tools


2.  More Mature Machine Learning

Machine learning is totally changing the way we handle data – it’s pretty inspiring.
For instance, predictive email sending makes it easier for email marketers to get the most out of their campaigns.
They can send emails at the perfect time when people are more likely to read them.

the screen shot shows how to set up an event calendar

Predictive Email Sending.

Source: our partner's Marketing automation platform VBOUT.

Lead scoring has been revolutionized by machine learning!
Predictive lead scoring helps to reduce potential inaccuracies from more traditional methods.
It builds up customer profiles based on their history and current activity, so that marketing and sales teams can focus their attention on the leads that are most likely to convert.

lead scoring table

Machine learning has taken lead scoring to a new level.

Source: our partner's Marketing automation platform VBOUT.

Enriching your data can give you a huge advantage when it comes to predicting who is likely to be a potential customer.
By gathering information from both external and internal sources, you can create a much more in-depth picture of who your leads are in real-time.

a graphic showing the business process of an ecommer

Source: trbo

When it comes to using machine learning in social media, it’s all about figuring out how people feel and think, plus what the best times are to post something.
Basically, this means analyzing people’s emotions, seeing how they react to certain things, and then figuring out when they’re most likely to be active and pay attention to your posts.

a graphic showing the business process of an ecommer

Source: our partner's Marketing automation platform VBOUT.

3.  Reinforced SEO: E-A-T Signals

E-A-T stands for Expertise – Authority – Trust.
Google has just released a new algorithm update to promote content that actually benefits people, rather than just content that was created to rank high in search engine results.
This will help make sure content that’s truly valuable is given priority over stuff just made to trick the bots.

Reinforced SEO: E-A-T Signals

E-A-T stands for Expertise - Authority - Trust.

Do you reckon Google would give the thumbs up to your content?

  • Creating something tailored to a particular crowd.
  • Content that packed with knowledge and authority!
  • Reliable and believable information.
  • Providing material that caters to what people are looking for.
two options for google advertising, on a desktop

Reinforced SEO: E-A-T Signals

Do these

  • Take out any lackluster material from your website.
  • Put your energy into making content that your audience will love.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest SEO tips and tricks Google has to offer.
  • Keep track of how Google ranks sites.

Do NOT do

  • Opt for AI-created content that isn’t top-notch. (= Don’t just copy and paste articles created by AI.)
  • Avoid using web crawlers to boost your blog posts.
  • Put out shallow material without really understanding the subject.

    4.  Short Form Videos

    Instagram Reels have become incredibly popular, boasting a staggering 2 billion monthly active users (Source: DemandSage).
    If you’re looking to get your brand or business out there, then Instagram, Facebook Reels and TikTok are ideal platforms to get creative and get people engaged.
    YouTube Shorts can also be a great way to increase your organic reach and even add to your email subscriber list.

    the three instagrams show different faces, and their features

    Source: Meta

    Generate leads with reels in a few easy steps!
    Post educational content, product tutorials, tag products from Instagram shop, give away freebies, answer any FAQs, and highlight what matters to your customers. It’s that simple!

    ManyChat screenshot

    Source: ManyChat

    5.  Live Commerce

    The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shifted the way people shop, and as a result, brands have been looking to create a more effortless experience by getting in touch with customers through digital platforms.
    This began with shoppable posts on social media in 2020 and has now grown to include live stream selling and shopping.

    a video that shows a woman

    Live Commerce

    Source: Instagram

    6.  Zero-Party Data

    As customers have become more aware of their privacy last year, companies have started to rely more on first-party data.
    In 2023, this is expected to evolve to include zero-party data.
    Instead of just forms, landing pages, and popups, companies can learn more about their customers through communication preference centers and interactive surveys.

    a screen shot of three woman in different clothes

    Source: xtremepush

    The table below sheds light on the chief distinction between first-party and zero-party data.

    difference between first-party data and zero-party data

    Difference between first-party data and zero-party data

    Source: xtremepush


    We’ve only just begun to uncover what 2023 has in store for digital marketing trends!
    What do you think will become popular in the coming years? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.
    And if you want to stay ahead of the curve, make sure to check out our blog for all the juicy digital marketing info.

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    1. Aaron Elicks

      Everyone has been hearing a lot about AI lately and I knew it was a big deal but I had no idea it would save so much time and effort. The future is here and it’s incredible! Thanks for the tips.

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